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by luv2oralservice

Firstly, I want to thank all of you that have continued your participation over the last 11 years Oralservicem4m has been continuously online. Many may have noticed the significant delay currently experienced getting posts to display. This is due largely to the time I have available to run the site being diverted to development of the new site. Rest assured, all of your posts will appear regularly if not quickly. There are only a few exceptions, those that are far from the topic or concept of the site.


One thing I want to make clear to all those interested: The concept used at Oralservicem4m is unique in comparison to the vast majority of m4m, personals, or hookup sites. The way those other sites operate have an almost universally common method of construction and operation that focuses very much upon profile browsing and searches with few other factors involved.

Here at Oralservicem4m we use overarching theme encouraging a certain role-play behavior which creates an entirely different set of interactions and expectations between members. Much different than, browse a profile, arrange a hookup. Next....

Adapting a system to fit this idea has, from the very beginning, been...


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Welcome To Oralservicem4m!  



The place where bi, straight, married and gay men can step into ultimate privilege as an exclusive oral top, the king of this world we have created.

The guiding principal of total oral servitude to our top-only members is what this site is all about. Oral bottom members join with the understanding agreed upfront with no misunderstanding thereafter of the following:

The opportunity to oral serve our top members is a continually earned priviledge.

One that comes with NO reciprocation whatsoever in return for their efforts.

Their job is to amplify his pleasure obsessions while at the same time indulging him in conveniences and leisure.
Every feature herein is sharply tilted to the lopsided one-way advantage of the oral top who needs never to lift a finger to enjoy a royal treatment experience. One that comes automatically with no needed reminders or negotiation.

Our castle servants eagerly accept and agree to their role upon joining in servitude to our oral tops.

They love to oral serve THIS much!


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